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I am starting this blog to track my progression with my cycle training. I started riding for real last June and have gained tons of fitness and droped a lot of weight. To the tune of 70 lbs in the past 2.5 years. I am now gearing up for my goal event of the year which is the Gran Fondo New York. I ams super excited. I started the cyclo 90 base system by Graeme Street Last November knowing that I should go into a pesky foot surgery in great shape as to not go backwards on my previous years fitness gains. Well It worked! I got to my lightest weight 167 lbs in that time and only gained 3 lbs in the whole recovery process. My doctor was very impressed by the rate of recovery. He said it was due to my fitness level but cautioned me to take it slow going back into training. I did just that. I started with modified core 2.0 workouts that kept me off my toes and focosed mostly on cyclostrong in the beginning. Then I worked through the first block of cyclo90 base. That brings me up to the beginning of the new in season program. ….

Talk about tough protocalls!
More to come