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I figured I’d give you a look at the pain cave.(where the indoor training takes place)


  • Cycleops trainer mat
  • Cycleops fluid trainer
  • 2 Cycleops risers
  • Bike- my road bike
  • Resistance Bands
  • Powerblock 50lb adjustable dumbells – not referencing to any part of me
  • Stability Ball

I stream all the workouts to my tv via Apple TV which is the greatest thing for me so I stay structured and don’t waste training time with mindless riding.  The best thing is that I am getting such great results I was able to say goodbye to a gym membership.



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This morning had many obstacles to get into training.  It took about 3 hours from getting dressed to getting on the bike.  Nothing bad just life and taking care of the family.  Well I finally got on and was off to a slow start and I couldn’t get my heart rate into zone 2.  I was baffled but pressed on.  Then the first standing set came in with low tension.  Wow! Energy boost and I hit threshold Heart Rate!  Felt good for the first 2 sets then i was feeling the fatigue. Next was high tension sets.  High tension never felt so good well for the first minute.  It was a productive session.  I definitely enjoyed the lemonade!

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Pretty disappointed today ans my schedule was pretty clear and I would have been able to ride today.  The only think is the high is going to be 40*F and damp.  Not fun when on the bike.  I guess I’m stuck inside. I am still deciding what to watch but I will probably watch some race coverage to get some extra motivation along with a velobeats mix.  The music gets me going and I push harder with the music.  I forgot to mention I am a musician and play the trumpet professionally. shameless plug

On a side note Morning shake this morning was disgusting! Don’t combine cookies and cream protein powder with espresso and blueberry kefir. Yuk!  I’ll Post back after Training.

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Cyclo 90 Challenge
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This is the aftermath of one HIT session!