A Ride Revisited

Posted: April 1, 2012 in training
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Today I set out to do a loop that i haven’t done since last year.  I was off to a rocky start firs by forgetting my arm warmers and to top off my tires.  Had to go back as I didn’t want any problems on the road or to be cold.  I set out and i noticed it took a good 5 miles to get warmed up and to loosen up the legs.  Thought about it for a minute and I guess its is because of the constant battery I put on them yesterday with a tough bout of standing drills.   I was ignoring my computer other than for cues for turns but would cheat once in a while to check speed.  When ever I looked down I was surprised to see 20-24 mph on flats when I was riding strong.  Talk about a morale booster.  The climbs my legs were screaming especially quads and glutes.  When I was felt like I was struggling I would switch to individual pedaling techniques to take the pain away from the major muscles.  That worked most of the time.  Then I on my way back in I got boosts by seeing other cyclists (didn’t want to show my fatigue – I know its is stupid and silly but I bet you do it too.) and I saw another cyclist going my way ahead so I used that as a sprint opportunity then rode with him for a few blocks talking it up and may have a new riding partner in the future.  Got home throughly tired and was greeted to a quick shower and a 40 min car ride.  Muscles stiffened up in the car and really felt it setting in.  Now to recover!

 The Cyclo 90 Challenge



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