Rest Day is Coming to an End

Posted: April 2, 2012 in training
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Well my rest day is coming to an end.  My extent of excercise today was taking the baby for a walk with a convenient trip to the bike shop.  My Handlebar tape is in.  That is a project for next monday.  I will be learning how to install it at the shop.  (Thanks Grim)  Last nights TLS did pay off.  I popped a magnesium supplement with dinner and amino acids twice yesterday and this morning.  Last night I also treated myself to a epsom salt bath and had a high protein diet the past 2 days and ramped up carbs slightly tonight to prepare for the morning ahead.  I may foam roll after I post then go to bed early.  I have a 6 am date with the trainer to complete 2 HIT sessions back to back.  The first is for pedaling technique and second is Climbing Attacks.  Wish me luck.

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