This morning i got up too late and needed an hour for my training today. I had 2 sessions set up one focusing on pedaling technique and the other on climbing attacks. I got on the trainer and wasn’t feeling it for the first 5 minutes. I pressed on anyway. Finally got in the groove but the first workout was over.  No more time in the morning if I wasted to get to work on time. So I got ready and went to work. During the 5 minutes I had between my second and third period classes I got a great idea. I have a long lunch today so why not sneak in a workout at lunch. I was off as soon as the lunch bell rang, flew home got changed and hit the trainer. I think it was the adrenalin because I felt warmed up instantly and had a lot of fun through the suffering of zone 4 threshold constant with zone 5 attacks. It was a tough workout but it invigorated me. Finished with a very short cooldown. Put lunch in the microwave and jumped in the shower. Got changed in lightning speed grabbed my lunch and dinner to bring back with me because I know I would be working 3 jobs today and get out at 9:30 from the last one. Drank my protein shake in the car and ate lunch when I arrived at work. What a day.
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