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I got started Crit racing this year. It was intimidating at first with high speed cornering, large tight packs and crashes.

The season started off very cold in early April with the Branchbrook series in Newark, NJ. The series got off to a rocky start with cancelled races due to high winds, ice and snow. When we did race the average temperature was 25-35 degrees. I would head over at 5 am to pick up my number each week as the Cat 5 race would start around 6, do a few warm up laps to not freeze then freeze anyway when waiting at the start line.

The whistle blew and we are off. The races started off at a very manageable pace as everyone was just trying to get warm but I alway was hanging towards the back because the pack felt so tight and I was super worried about getting hung up or touching wheels.  Yeah and I thought my fitness was good.  I made it a few laps with then would see them gradually drift away from me.  The repeated hard acclererations out of the corners wore me down and I just couldn’t keep up.  Eventually the field passed me and I was in a solo TT just trying to finish.

As the weeks went on I got more comfortable with the group and fitness improved and was able to finish with the pack and even put in an attack throughout the season.  It was a great learning experience about pack dynamics and staying calm and smooth.  This year I was able to advance to Cat 4 and now I’m looking forward to next year to keep on learning and training to get some results that I am happy with.

A couple takeaways are:

  • Get to the race early so you aren’t in a rush
  • Ask what side to pin your number on
  • Preride the course – with someone who has done it before if possible
  • Don’t run a 5k the day before a race – it ruins you
  • Float within the group and look for good wheels to follow
  • Trust your bike when cornering
  • Easy on the brakes or just sit up to slow you down
  • Have Fun – it will keep you loose – even if you are nervous at the start

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After using Zwift for a few weeks I can say I am still impressed. For the first 2 weeks I used Zwift with a Heart Rate, Speed Sensor and Cyclops Fluid 2 Trainer. In this time the only frustration I would have are during sprints the software would detect wheel slippage and I would lose 2 seconds for everything to come back as it wouldn’t register power for that time.

ea386e94-62b9-49db-b9e3-e986bfd20b9eThe solution came when a year of saving up payed off.


I got my Stages Power Meter!

Now the tire slippage doesn’t matter anymore.  Zwift is reading directly from the power meter.  I didn’t buy the Stages power meter for zwift.  This was planned for over a year.  I am very happy with it for the 2 weeks I have had the power meter indoors as well as outdoors.  This has definitely taken away my frustrations with Zwift.

So far in Zwift I have racked up a few achievements and new gear.  The Facebook group Zwift Riders is the place to be for discussions.  Zwift changes the dynamic of riding indoors for me so much that I even run it when I am doing a trainer video and over lay the video on the left side of the screen.


Just started training again.  I was inspired by looking at my 2012 Gran Fondo New York pictures.  I was a machine!
Hitting Cyclo 90 hard core again.  I am hoping for a great year.  I am already registered for an MS ride in May and a Gran Fondo in September!

Since the Gran Fondo I took some time off and started riding a once a week group ride.  I feel like a slacker compared to the training I was doing.  Now to change gears.

I am just enjoying the bike right now ith 4-5 group rides a week.  I run one 4 days a week in the early morning and it is a great start to the day.  My next big event is not until September so Im just going to have fun until August then start the heavy training again.

In the meantime I have a friend that just got his first road bike and will be helping him out.  I will be more of a social rider for now.  I think it is good for the family and y mind at the time so ENJOY YOUR BIKE!

Be safe out there

Here is a short video update right after the last one.  As you can see it was extremly tough!


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I just thought this was cool


Photographer Eco Suparman couldn’t believe his eyes when the praying mantis he was photographing jumped up onto a plant – and looked like he was going to go for a bike ride!

Student Eco, 23 said: “I took this photo in a cemetry in the Ambawang River village, Borneo Island, Indonesia.

“I was focusing on taking pictures of the mantis when I noticed the curled plants nearby.

“Straightaway I thought it looked like a bike – but I couldn’t believe my luck when the mantis walked over and climbed onto the plant.

Have you ever seen anything like it? What next a bee looking like its riding a penny farthing or a caterpillar on a Specialized S-Works! Let me know if you’ve ever seen any other animal related cycle photos!


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2 HITS Down 1 to go

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