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Since the Gran Fondo I took some time off and started riding a once a week group ride.  I feel like a slacker compared to the training I was doing.  Now to change gears.

I am just enjoying the bike right now ith 4-5 group rides a week.  I run one 4 days a week in the early morning and it is a great start to the day.  My next big event is not until September so Im just going to have fun until August then start the heavy training again.

In the meantime I have a friend that just got his first road bike and will be helping him out.  I will be more of a social rider for now.  I think it is good for the family and y mind at the time so ENJOY YOUR BIKE!

Be safe out there


This past Saturday I was all set to go on a nice 75 mile club ride.  This was going to be my first club ride this year and I was excited to see many people that I haven’t seen since last year.  I prepped everything the night before.

  • Clothes check
  • Nutrition check
  • Water check
  • Spare tube check
  • Car packed check
  • Bike rack installed check

The morning of I got ready loaded up my bike and was ready to go.  Well here is the story where it all changes.  I start driving on the highway and notice my front wheel is moving on the rack.  Well I forgot to strap the front wheel to the downtube.  The worst think is I left the strap on top of my trunk.  That is lost on the highway.  Then I get to the park that I think we were meeting wrong park.  I get to the right park and sign in.  Ok now I am finally there.  I top off my tires and the rear leaks at the valve stem.  There goes my extra tube.  I change the rear tube.  Now I am ready to go.  We go roll out but not so fast.  My rear brake doesn’t feel right.  I get off and take a look.  It is wide open, I check the quick release open.  Then I go to close it and it is really hard.  I then notice the bracket for my rear brake cable has broken off of my frame.  Ride is now cancelled.  It was not worth of the chance of getting killed by riding with a bad rear brake.  I load back up and head home nervous and upset.  Stress level was through the roof because I am wondering the worst about repair or replacement costs.  I go straight to my bike shop and we talk about it for a while and he thinks it shouldn’t be a problem for warranty.  We disassemble the bike and wait till monday to call the manufacturer.  Monday afternoon great news!  I get an email asking for my size so they can get it started by sending a new frame.  I guess next week is another week.  Good thing this is a scheduled rest week.  I hope that my bike will be together by monday.  I have a zone 4 test that day and start my final 3 week training block and 1 week taper for my goal event of the year.  Gran Fondo New York.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Well it has been a crazy couple of days.  Friday was a recovery day and I needed it after those circuits.  Actually it is Sunday and I am still feeling it.  Needless to say I took off on Friday.  However I did get to enjoy the weather with a nice walk with my little guy.  Saturday I was able to get out for 2 hours.  I worked mon Muscle Endurance Chunks.  The ride was great even though I was still sore. (Good sore)  I went to the park and did laps.  I find it is one of the best places because you don’t really need to deal with traffic.  I got a PR on my park lap too.  For that segment on strava I am now in 6th place!  The best news was as the work out progressed I was getting stronger and riding faster.  I guess next time I will need to add more chunks to the workout.

I had to alter my training schedule due to the holiday and my crazy schedule.  I am a musician and I am performing Easter eve and Easter morning.  So now Easter Day is a rest day and I will have workouts from Monday thru Thursday.  Usually I have a Monday rest day but I moved my Sunday to Monday.  I also did my more challenging ride on Saturday and moved the shorter one to Monday so I don’t get overloaded next week with the longer block.  I guess we will see how that goes.