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I have made the switch from Garmin to Wahoo.  I waited awhile to move to the Elemnt because I wanted all the bugs to be worked out and I was waiting for workouts to be released.  All I can say is Wow.  I love it.  Set up is super easy and straight forward using the mobile app.  Workouts go straight in from training peaks, routes are imported from ridewithgps and I can get messages or see who is calling during a ride so I know if I want to stop and answer or keep on going.  The Garmin has served me well for 7 years without any issues but this was a big step up from my previous Garmin 800.  I know most of this isn’t groundbreaking but it was big for me to get with the times.

A few of the pages I use on a weekly basis are the following.


This is my day to day page with my information for an easy ride or when I’m out with friends.  I have the time of day, speed, 3 second power, heart rate, cadence, miles ridden, gear selection, time riding, and my phone battery.


This is my race page where I only have necessary information.  I have my 3 second power, heart rate, lap time so I know how much time is generally left in the race since I have been racing mostly timed critiriums, and gear selection since my brain is’t all there sometimes and it helps me prevent cross chaining.

Workout Summary

I use the workout summary screen just to take a quick peek on a few key metrics of what I have done if I wasn’t doing a structured workout.  This page I have 3 second power, speed, miles ridden, ride time, time of day, heart rate, average speed, training stress score, and average power.  This allows me to see whats happening now and what my averages for the ride are at the same time.


I use this page most of the time when doing structured workouts imported from Training Peaks.  This page gives me everything I need to know to complete my workout.  I have my target power with my 3 second average next to it to compare. Next is the time left in the interval with my interval average power to see how close I am to the target.  Then heart rate, my last interval power in case I didn’t see if I hit my previous target, time left in the workout (how much suffering is left), gear selection and a chart of what the overall workout looks like.


Live tracking works great for me as I train solo most of the time and it gives me piece of mind that my family knows where I am in case something happens or they can figure out how far from home I am but it does drain my phone battery pretty quickly.

The only feature missing from the unit is an  auto lap feature based on GPS location so I wouldn’t have to try to hit the lap button in races or separate laps on the computer to analyse lap by lap performance which I hope gets added with a firmware update in the future.

In my opinion the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is a great value and a great unit.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone.

For a more in depth review check out DC Rainmaker or Shane Miller as they go a lot more in depth than me.  They had influenced my purchase of the unit a lot especially since I was moving from the Garmin camp to Wahoo.